Perfectly designed for heavy traffic areas with its patented U.V. coating that makes it ideal for use in malls,showrooms,salons and other commercial areas. Now you can give visiting customer plushness of Real wood floor at fraction of a cost.

Commercial Spaces

Our LVT is suitable for Living rooms, Kitchen area,bedrooms and Master bedroom. Over the years with informative marketing by Neflor ,premium developers have opted for LVT in place of laminate wooden floor owing to its water resistance, endurance across all seasons and long durability.

Office spaces

Neflor Lvt is specifically designed kept in mind high movement of chairs in an office setiing. We understand that to maintain employee productivity,it is essential to give them a peaceful environment and thus some of our products are specifically designed kept in mind office needs.

Get in touch with us to find out more on which product is suitable for your office.


In today's time, it is important to give a warm ambience along with great food and service to the customer in a restaurant/cafe. Keeping this in mind all our products come with a stain and water resistant coating, making them ideal for use in restaurants and cafes.