Super Quality Plastisol Assured!

Neflor is synonymous to quality which is also reflected in our curated plastisol.

It is not just another Raw-material , but the soul of profitability!

About Plastisol Paste

We understand the need in today's market to be on top of innovation to cut costs and increase profitability thus, we have introduced a high-grade Plastisol compound which is suitable for making PVC leather and PVC flooring. Our compound is added with performance-enhancing additives that make it an ideal raw material for factory owners.

"Plastisol Paste" by Neflor is a pre-blend compound suitable to use for making commercial quality PVC leather and PVC flooring. The compound offered by us is of superior grade and is easy to use resulting in higher cost reduction for the users. We pick our plastisol from only the best sources which guarantee superior grade and provide consistent supply.

Characteristics Of Neflor Plastisol

It's not just the product, it's the quality we stand for. Well formulated product to help you re-engineer your leather cloth.

Liquid form(No solid content)

Our plastisol comes in liquid form and has no solid contents thus making its usage hassle-free.

Higher percentage of white IBC's

Having a higher ratio of White IBC translated into high-cost cutting in all types of products not restricting usage to Dark Colors.

Competitive Pricing

Price is an integral aspect of any Raw material, thus our plastisol is carefully formulated to ensure maximum value addition for our buyers.

Easy availability

Regular supply of the raw material is one of the most necessary requisites in successful operations of your firm. Through our strong supply system, we provide you with regular supplies of the raw material. We assure abundant availability and timely delivery of the Plastisol.

We Deliver the Best Quality PVC Plastisol

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frequently asked questions

Neflor belives in providing overall satisfaction to the clients.

Can plastisol increase my profitability? If so, by how much?

Plastisol can help you save anywhere to 4-8 Rs/ running meter thus resulting in maximum cost saving for you and increasing your profitability

What is lead time to deliver?

We are proudly the largest sourcers of Plastisol from the International market and assure delivery within 24 hours in the same state.

How much plastisol do I need?

Get in touch with our sales team to help you forecast your plastisol consumption.

How to use?

Depending on grade, you choose, our technician will run you through steps for maximum utilisation.

What are added benefits to Neflor plastisol?

No DOP, thus you can consider to use in reach compliant products. Our plastisol is well grinded before supplied to you and is not stored for longer days like other products in the market. Our plastisol also has concentrated amount of measured plasticisers to ensure consistent feel to your finished product.